Press Release: Judicial officers satisfied and vigilant

At the end of the meeting which took place this morning at the Ministry of Justice, with the Justice Minister, Christiane Taubira, and the Economy Minister, Emmanuel Macron, the President of the National Chamber of Judicial Officers, Patrick Sannino, said he was satisfied with the dialogue initiated by the government.

He would particularly commend the Minister of Economy's commitment to maintain the monopoly of judicial officers on the notification of acts of justice and not to pursue the idea of using a private operator to carry out activities which are essential to the legal security of individuals and companies. He echoes the willingness of the government to take advantage of the law on "growth and purchasing power" to drive a modernisation of the profession of judicial officer, through a process of dialogue.

A tripartite commission has been set up from today to extend the work carried out by the profession over the last year.

The National Chamber of Judicial Officers recalls that is will be particularly vigilant throughout the implementation of the legislative and regulatory process, to ensure that the law preserves the independence of judicial officers, their presence alongside all individuals throughout the whole territory of the Republic as well as an equal access to justice for all. 

Given the initial guarantees given by the government on its willingness to engage in dialogue, the National Chamber of Judicial Officers brought together at the special sitting of the General Assembly, voted to suspend the national strike action which started on 15 September, and to maintain the highest level of commitment providing all aspects of the draft bill affecting judicial officers are definitively withdrawn.