The hearing of the national chamber of judicial officers at the national assembly

The President of the National Chamber of Judicial Officers, Patrick Sannino, the Vice-President, Jean-François Richard, and the Deputy Treasurer, Pascal Thuet will be heard at the fact-finding mission on regulated legal professions on Tuesday 14 October at 6pm. 
The fact-finding mission on regulated professions by the Law Commission of the National Assembly was created on 17 September 2014. It was set up in light of a draft bill for growth announced by the government at the end of 2014. Its objective is to get an overview of the regulation regarding regulated legal professions. The mission must hear the views of the main representatives of the professions concerned.
To watch the live recording of the hearing, access the   National Assembly's video portal for Tuesday 14 October at 6pm. The video will then be available to be consulted for several months.