The baillifs present at the exhibition of the condominium ownership, november 4 and 5, 2014

Salon de la Copropriété,
Paris - Porte de Versailles - Pavillon 5

Discover the bailiffs stand

The bailiff ensures compliance with legal rules:

- Notice by hand delivery to the general meetings, monitoring the legality of the meeting and drafting of minutes with the permission of the meeting, the bailiff will assist you in your actions and will advise you.

- The finding of the bailiff is your best protection, whether in anticipation of future litigation, prove the damages suffered.

- Difficulties with a service provider, a company responsible for the work, an employee of the condominium, the bailiff will advise you effectively: he or she will establish a certified report, illustrated by photographs and pieces of all kinds. This document will relate the facts objectively. Real legal "snapshot" of a particular situation at a given moment, the statement is a valuable method for the administration of evidence, as recognized by the courts and by insurance companies.

- Collection of condominium fees: The trustee shall assume responsibility by not taking the necessary steps to recover the fees owed by the owners. Why trust the recovery of unpaid condominium fees to Bailiffs?
-Because The bailiff is a debt collecting specialist 
-Because he or she implements rapid procedures that protect your rights
-Because The bailiff, at your service, offers appropriate actions.
Their actions: The bailiff can have the role of conciliator promoting a transaction, establishing a repayment plan agreed by mutual agreement
The bailiff can take the necessary safeguards (legal mortgage on a lot, attachment as an interim measure): these measures often trigger a reaction involving the payment.
The Bailiff finally implements judicial proceedings and conducts the enforcement of court decisions.

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