Demonstration of the legal profession and meeting at the chancellery

The Bill Growth and activity initiated in the summer by the Minister of productive recovery Arnaud Montebourg then taken by his successor Emmanuel Macron, economy minister, was formally presented to the government on 10 December. The opinion of the Council of state issued December 8 was released the same morning, the highest administrative court deploring "the incomplete nature and the serious shortcomings of the impact assessment on a number of provisions of the Bill for growth and activity. "
The demonstration brought together for the first time in their history, six legal profession -some 50,000 Notaries, lawyers, bailiffs, clerks of the commercial courts, judicial auctioneers and legal representatives- involved in the bill and denunciating  several of its measures: the bailiffs have massively joined the demonstration, attended by the Bureau of the National Chamber of Bailiffs.


Press : 
Parisian posters "event on December 10:" Justice is not a commodity ", 10 December 2014
Liberation, " Notaries of province "and" bailiffs of country ' against Macron law "; December 10, 2014

At the end of the event, representatives of the professions have been received by the Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira.

Read the minutes of the meeting at the Chancellery on the Ministry of Justice website