End of winter break: ask your questions to bailiffs at treve@huissier-justice.fr on march 25 to april 30, 2015.

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While the winter break ends in a week, bailiffs make available a hotline address to the public, to answer questions directly and free of charge from people facing a rental eviction process: a team of lawyers will inform users about the practicable time, the legal nature of the letters received and the various points of the process.

The National Chamber of Bailiffs advises defaulting tenants to establish contact with the bailiff as soon as possible. Indeed, not to react to warnings or notices prior to the execution of a decision of expulsion deprives the tenant of amicable or legal solutions that would allow a less traumatic issue: implementation of a staggering for the reimbursement of unpaid rent, use of aids and ad hoc social services, relocation search ... the bailiff, lawyer specializing in residential lease and only qualified for the execution of a decisions of expulsion is able to indicate the steps appropriate to the situation whether  the difficulties encountered by the tenant are provisional or definitive.

If deportation is imminent, the bailiff can always suggest to those concerned to opt for the solutions provided within the framework of the law to obtain a housing or emergency accommodation.
Every year, around 120,000 eviction decisions are pronounced. A little less than 9% are ultimately executed with the assistance of the Public Force

Hotline winter break from March 25 to April 30, 2015: treve@huissier-justice.fr