Presentation of Médicys, digital platform for mediation and cyber-services for individuals and professio

The National Chamber of judicial officers presents Médicys, Mediation Centre and cyber-services of amicable settlement of bailiffs, created in partnership with the cyber justice laboratory of the University of Montreal, a world expert in e-justice. Unique platform in Europe, it offers an alternative and reliable mode of conflict resolution governed by public and ministerial officials.

In a society in which the number of consumer disputes explodes, most litigants turn away from the courts and do not obtain redress. Several factors explain this trend: cost and time of procedures, gaps between the judicial process and the nature of the conflict ... For this reason, the authorities intend to grant greater importance to dispute-resolution methods (MARD) to resolve disputes between consumers and professionals.

At European level, Directive No. 2013/11 / EU already requires Member States to ensure that, for contracts with a professional, consumers should be able to have recourse to an entity of  extra-judicial  consumer disputes resolution.

This Directive must be transposed in the Member States of the European Union by July 9, 2015.
In France, this transposition, provided by orders, will modify the existing mediation system in French law.
Axes of the Directive:
- The obligation for the professional to offer consumers access to mediation for the settlement of their dispute. The consumer is however not obliged to use it if he or she prefers to submit the dispute to the competent court.
- The independence of the Ombudsman relative to the parties, especially relative to professionals,
- Free of charge or low cost for the consumer. The French transposition law is moving towards the principle of free service.

By 9 January 2016, this trend will grow. European consumers and professionals can now access a One stop internet shop to resolve extrajudicial disputes resulting from their transactions online.
The  Médicys platform  meets these various challenges:

Its strengths:
- A digital platform able to offer a comprehensive solution for various disputes (mediation 100% online, by video conference, in-class);
- The guarantee of a process supervised by a public and ministerial officer specially trained in mediation.
- Unequalled presence on the territory, thanks to territorial network of Baillifs;
- Measured rates.

The solutions of the platform have already won a number of professionals such as the French Building Federation (FFB), which is developing specific module "Building litigation" with Médicys teams.