• Are you an independent contractor or a sole business trader wishing to set up a company or start your business activity ? Are you lost in the mass of information sent to you and you need clear advice from a legal professional ?


  • Whether you are an independent contractor or a sole business trader, the bailiff is a reliable advisor for you. Legally qualified, s/he is able to advise you on the steps you need to take and to help you in drafting the numerous legal documents required when setting up your business
  • Are you going to engage in commercial trading ? Give yourself the best possible start by confiding to your bailiff the drafting of the standard documents such as your future orders and invoices. Find comfort and peace of mind by requesting that your bailiff drafts your general conditions of sale or your retention of title clauses.
  • The bailiff is an essential professional in debt recovery. S/he will advise you from the beginning of your activity so as to avoid the problems of non-payment or potential litigation which can cause problems for a commercial activity.
  • Business persons, contact your local bailiff as soon as possible. Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity of starting your new activity on the right footing.